We would like to share our knowledge of the wilderness areas of Africa to unlock the secrets of one of the most exciting destinations in the world.
Our team of dedicated specialists has a wide range of experience in the tourism industry, this experience allows us to design and organize unique safaris for the discerning traveler.
To make your safari an unforgettable experience we have chosen friendly safari driver-guides who have wide knowledge of the flora, fauna and culture of the region.
We work with a range of hotels, camps and lodges and our consultants can assist you to select accommodations that meet your comfort level and budget.
We have several types of transport to meet your needs (Landcruiser, Landrover, minibus).
We are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our beloved wilderness, and you as a traveler ultimately contribute to the preservation by making the unique flora and fauna of Africa a valuable resource for the locals giving it a better chance to survive for future generations to enjoy.
It is our desire that you depart Africa knowing its unique beauty, and perhaps being so captured by this unique land. You will leave a bit of your heart and leave with a longing to come again!