It is the Ugandan part of the Virunga Conservation Area, where half of the world’s mountain gorillas make their home, this park shares boundaries with Rwanda and Congo/Zaire. The park is comprised of parts of three extinct volcanic mountains, Mt. Muhavura (4127 m), Mt. Gahinga (3475 m) and Mt. Sabyinyo (3645 m).

The vegetation of Mgahinga is typically afro-montane, with a forest belt, a bamboo zone, an ericacious belt and an alpine zone.

It supports a variety of animal species including gorilla, rare golden monkey, buffalo, elephant, leopard and several cat. There are also over 180 species of bird found in the region. Among these are the handsome fancolin, the Rwenzori touraco and the side-breasted tit.About 45 mountain gorillas use the Mgahinga sector of the Virunga Conservation Area seasonally

Gorilla trekking is available here when the gorillas are in the park. They are usually resident in the months of April, May and June and October, November and December. Mgahinga also offers a number of other exciting half-day hikes and the challenge of a full-day climb to the summit of Mt. Muhavura or Mt. Gahinga, or the breathtaking Sabyinyo Gorge.

Area – 34 km2
From Kampala :- approximate distance 540 kms,  estimated driving time: 8-10 hrs