All three Reserves offer unique vistas of rounded and rugged hills and undulating plains and situated alongside the Ewaso Nyiro River. The mix of wood and grassland with riverine forest and swamp attracts wide variety of animal and birdlife. Game viewing and visibility is excellent.
Rich in wildlife with an abundance of rare northern specialist species such as the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and the beisa oryx (also referred to as Samburu Special Five). The reserve is also popular with a minimum of 900 elephants and wild dog sightings are also common. Large predators such as the lion, leopard and cheetah are an important attraction. Kamunyak the miracle lioness that adopted the baby oryx is a resident in the reserve. Birdlife is abundant – and one can see the Lesser Kestrel and the Taita Falcon quite often.


Shaba National Reserve, known as the “Born Free” country is a semi desert reserve, located some 100 kms north of the equator, was made famous by Joy Adamson and her lioness Elsa. The park is also notable for its hotsprings.

One can do game drives, birdwatching, bush breakfast, nature walks, camel rides, cultural experiences in these reserves.

Area-(Samburu):             104 square kilometres
Area-(Buffalo Springs):     131 square kilometres
Area-(Shaba):                145 square kilometers
By Road :                      5.5 hours from Nairobi
By Air:                          Daily Nairobi/Samburu/Nairobi

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