It seems quite incredible that the wonders of East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands were only opened to the gaze of the New World 100 years ago. Over the centuries Arabs, Portuguese, Indians, Baluchis, Malays, Chinese and the passing vessels of European nations had all left their mark on this continent.
Each country listed below has its own unique feature – wildlife, culture, and landscapes and it gives you information on the country and the parks.

Planning Your Trip

It is the key ingredient to making your safari a successful one and it is our goal to assist you in every aspect of planning your safari. We make sure you have chosen the best safari for you.


1. Africa – But where?

The countries listed on your right are categorized under regions. Each country has its own unique feature – wildlife, culture, and landscape. This is a good starting point, which gives information on each country.

2. Budget and time?

We can arrange a safari to suit your budget. You can either choose one of our itineraries listed or we can custom design a safari. The duration of safari can be three days onwards (not counting the flying time to your destination in Africa).

3. Activities

There is a wide selection that you can choose to do – photographic safari with game drives (wildlife and landscape), camping safari can be budget or luxury, cultural tours, walking safari, mountain climbing, desert safari, beach holidays, deep sea fishing and much more.

4. Combo (visit 2 or more countries)

You can combine your holiday to visit 2 or more countries depending on the time. We recommend at least 4 or 5 days in each country due to travel times to fully enjoy your visit.

5. Expectations and Inconveniences on Safari

Tented Camps or Lodges: – The tented camps and lodges are located in remote areas. Although your accommodation is termed luxury, it can never be a Four-Seasons-in-the-bush, nevertheless the level of comfort and conveniences provided will pleasantly surprise you. Hot showers, modern bath and toilet facilities, well-stocked bars and fresh foods are there after an exciting day of safari.Tented camps in the recent years have changed to blatant luxury catering to groups of 20 or less. Each camp consists of a bar, lounge, dining area together with beautifully furnished individual tents with attached in-suite bathrooms with hot showers and toilets, beds with mosquito netting and other trimmings.

On Safari: – The local people are very warm and friendly. You can start your day with an early morning game drive before breakfast and relax during the heat of the day when the wildlife is at rest. An afternoon game drive after lunch when the wildlife is out again. Other possibilities are cultural tours, full day game drive, nature walk(s) and more. The roads can be dusty and bumpy as not all roads in game parks are tarmac. Flying to game parks is also possible but the cost increases. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

6. Vehicles

On safaris, the vehicles used are minibuses or 4×4 landrovers or landcurisers with hatch roofs or open sides depending on the park. The majority of our vehicles are equipped with radios.

Naked Wilderness drivers are trained to minimize damage to the environment by vehicles.

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